Wake Forest Water Rates To Rise Ahead Of General Increase

Water rates are set to more than double in some areas around Wake Forest after the city of Raleigh corrected for billing errors that took place for more than a decade. More than 5000 residents around the town are expected to be affected. During an audit in late 2017, the city of Raleigh found that residents in the Willow Deer and Jones Dairy Farm areas of Wake Forest had been charged less than they should have been for water and sewer service. The Wake Forest area increase comes as residents in Wake County brace for a new general increase in July. City officials are recommending a 3% water rate increase for the entire Raleigh area effective July 1.

The proposed rate hike is expected to be presented in May in the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Raleigh City Council will deliberate on the proposal by June 30.